I fancy chocolate.....M.I.V. is a reputable chocolate producer marked by an interesting mix of culture, quality and tastes of chocolate. The "Chocolate Dreams" collection is the result of the friendship and the passion for the good things, made as in the past, with the best available ingredients, following a manufacturing process respectful of the characteristics of the materials and with a special care to everything that reminds us of the authentic pleasures which make our lives sweeter and more amusable. We propose strong delights, witnesses of a distinguished and pleasant art such as that one of chocolate, which has been linked with the typical products of our territory, expressed with fantasy and imagination. The best tradition keeps lively when it blends in a wise and delicate way with the passion for innovation and the pleasure of the discovery of new natural combinations. The pages of this catalogue will bring you among several proposals of refined and authentic handicraft. It is a sweet voyage rich in delightful surprises dedicated to the nine people out of ten who love chocolate and to the tenth one too....who insists on lying shamelessly!
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